6 This 6" Fitz refractor from the private collection of John Briggs (23k.jpg) is probably a twin of the missing telescope that once stood in the garden of the Huguenot Seminary in Wellington, South Africa. The telescope, one of only about 40 remaining today, only carries a single inscription reading: H. Fitz New-York, with no date. Since Henry Fitz, one of America's earliest master telescope builders, died in 1863 it thus pre-dates this.

This telescope was formerly at Trinity College of Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Although it was installed there after 1882, its setting up at Trinity was in fact inspired by the 1882 Transit of Venus! John would eventualy acquire it from Trinity a century later.

This picture (21k.jpg) shows a close-up of the telescope itself.

Another example of an 1849, 7 inch Fitz, is here (30k.jpg) from the website of the Antique Telescope Society.

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